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Hello my lovelies! Long time no talk. So sorry! I suck. I want to check in with you guys and give you a recap of what’s been going on, plus some fun things to watch/try…Here it is, in no particular order.

  • I’ve been studying for my Precision Nutrition certification. It is AWESOME. So many times, certifications are just initials, and don’t really provide practical information, or how to apply the concepts. This PN certification is really great because it actually provides the tools for application! In fact, I just started experimenting with my new client enrollment/assessment procedures by using their materials, and will see how that works out (for me as well as my clients). TBD.
  • The grad school schedule is finally up! I am a major planner, so I was waiting with extreme anticipation for the Fall 2010 schedule to be released. I think I will take 3 classes my first semester in grad school. If I take 3 in fall, 4 in spring, 4 in fall, 3 in spring, I should graduate within 2 years. But…the thought of jumping into 3 classes gives me a little bit of anxiety. I know I am perfectionistic, so I think 3 classes in addition to owning my own business, and working out with the goal of a figure or fitness show soonish, plus blog, plus cleaning at the studio and the house, plus cooking, plus healing, plus social life, plus everything else…makes me wonder if I will work myself into a tizzy and counteract all the low stress lovely lifestyle I have created for myself. On the other hand, I have to weigh the anxiety that I would be EXTENDING my grad school career. I want my masters. Like now. The degree should be in my hand. So the thought of taking a long time to get my masters does not appeal to me. I think maybe I should just focus on it and do it, and not drag it out. That’s why I think I should take 3. Thoughts?
  • I have also been chefing it up in the kitchen! I experiment a LOT but often times things…umm…don’t turn out so fantastically (Kristina = rookie) so I don’t post up most of my “creative” endeavors. Things I recently experimented with: homemade Chocolate Mint “Cliff Bar” (FAIL)(no pic)

    protein pudding with agar agar (inspiration: Alyson)(Click the pic to see Alyson's)


    Peppermint Chia pudding (inspiration: Averie)(Click the pic to see Averie's)


    peanut butter “encrusted” root vegetables (inspiration: Angela)(Click the pic to see Angela's)


    sautéed Asian greens (from the farmers market)


    banana cinnamon egg white omelette (courtesy of Mercola Banana Whey & cooked in Tropical Traditions coconut oil)

  • By the way, I have totally been loving:

  1. Cauliflower for breakfast with egg whites, cinnamon & stevia (“faux” oatmeal and you sneak in a VEGGIE for breakfast!)(Yes, I’m weird- maybe)
  2. Big bowl of veggies like brussel sprouts, kale, edamame, broccoli, etc with chicken and everything heated up and mixed with hummus, Bragg’s, nutritional yeast, and Ms Dash hot pepper flakes. DELISH!
  • Went on a beautiful hike with the boo & dogs in Los Gatos. Look at Luke, all passed out! Abso-lutely-frikkin-ADORABLE!hikeLosGatosLukeSoCute
  • I saw this clip and posted this on my FB page, but also wanted to post it here, in case you missed it. I love the positivity and enthusiasm, and I think she is hilarious! httpv://
  • I want to post a few things I am grateful for:
  1. I am grateful for morning workouts
  2. I am grateful for two adorable, vibrant dogs
  3. I am grateful for my increasing healing
  4. I am grateful for my friend, Crystal, who helps hold me down
  5. I am grateful for the time I have now to share with you, and just be and reflect
  6. I am grateful for new songs on my playlist that amp me up
  7. I am grateful to Amanda for inspiring the GRATITUDE 😉
  • Here is the freestyle fitness move of the week. I’ll call it “of the week” but I don’t know if weekly will be the case. Let’s just say “of the week.” The move is…a handstand!! I LOVE handstands. (Below- old school pics of me.) They are FUN, they are great for shoulder strength & stability, and by angling your feet in different ways, you place a huge demand on your core! Beginners, start against a wall and just HOLD a handstand. Peeps who are comfortable with holding handstands, I dare you to position your legs in different configurations! It’s hard! But good! And it looks badass. What do you think??bgirlfreeze copyfreeze2

Much LOVE <3 <3 <3


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  1. april  May 22, 2010

    I love all the recap!! Lets see.. first of all your the bomb for doing all those classes/certifications and such!! Second, I have no clue about the 3 classes since I’m not in grad school yet. I will be eventually though!! Third of all, I need more information on this fake oatmeal, and forth of all, I so want to do handstand push ups! But I’m so afraid of falling on my face! LOL

  2. lindsay  May 22, 2010

    I’m all about the faux oatmeal! Not weird to me!

  3. Whole Body Love  May 22, 2010

    That clip is awesome! I love the positivity!

  4. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)  May 22, 2010

    Wow what a great post Kristina! First, I LOVE INVERSIONS!!! I am the arm balance and handstand queen…I love being upside down! And I love doing things w/ my legs and you’re right, it changes the dynamic, center of gravity, etc.

    Thx for the chia pudding link back. Super clever how you linked it via the pic!

    Angela’s fries, I made some carrots like that, sorta, this past week and posted about them. U used cinnamon, ginger, PB, and coconut oil..turned out great.

    As for your education..only you can know how much you want to deal w/ being in student mode…


    • admin  May 22, 2010

      Lindsay- I am curious about YOUR faux oatmeal?? do tell!

      Averie- I am not clever. I am just not super adept at wordpress, and was having problems with formatting and that was an easy “fix” 😉

  5. RunToTheFinish  May 25, 2010

    yeah glad I could help with some inspriation. I loooove sneaking veggies in all over the place, so I’m curious about the you just cook it in a processor first?

    • admin  May 25, 2010

      Just steam the cauliflower, then blend it so it is like a puree, then add cinnamon, stevia, and/or protein powders 😉

  6. Heather (Where's the Beach)  May 25, 2010

    Welcome back! My thoughts on the grad school classes – 2. Of course, that’s me. I started off taking 3 classes, working full time, working out, trying to have some sort of social life, etc. It also depends on the classes too I would suspect. Love that you’ve been chefing it up!

  7. (what runs) Lori  July 26, 2011

    It is probably super random how I found your blog (or at least this specific post) but I was searching for Precision Nutrition program cert reviews- found yours- thanks!- and saw that you wrote about going on a hike in Los Gatos- that’s where I live! Do you live in LG????

    Oh and how do you like the program review so far? Are you done with the cert now?

    • admin  July 26, 2011

      Lori- that is so funny!! I have totally read your blog before 😉 I especially liked your Protein Pow(d)er guest post and ll your yummy recipes page!!!
      I don’t live in LG, but work in Mountain View and used to live in MV…currently live in Oakland.
      I finished up PN cert and yup, think it’s legit and great. Recommend it for sure, as it’s very practical. 🙂 Whats up Bay sista!!!


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