Adventure, Despair, Repair– High Highs and Low Lows. One year blog update!!**

It’s approaching almost one year since the last time I wrote in my blog, and I finally decided to break in the blog again.

Why have I not written? Let’s just chalk it up to being a terrible blogger. I have this mental block where I can’t write about it until after it’s happened, so the fact that I stayed and stayed and stayed in Mexico… had not represented a closed chapter, so I didn’t write about it. Yeah, I suck, ...

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4 month update: jiu jitsu, dancing, exploring, learning, tacos…


I’m sorry, I am a baddd person

I still feel very excited to be travelling, and I still feel excited to continue. So here I am! Sitting in a coffeeshop in Medellin (well…actually it’s a printing shop with a tiny table, but close enough), with the intention to relay some of the experiences I’ve had these past few months.

I have some random “journal” entries that I have kept, so I ...

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Client Transformation: Kayla’s First Figure Competition!!

Bigggg shout out to my client Kayla, who has done an amazing job transforming her body. She recently competed in her first ever figure competition, and snagged 2nd place in novice! Go, Kayla!

first figure competition INBA










We did the slow and steady route, and essentially did a 3 month PRE prep, and then did an official 3 month contest prep. Even with that much ...

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Day 4/90 Fasting for 24 hours

I have never in my life ever done a 24 hour fast.

I feel like me and fasting just don’t get along, that’s just not what we do. I’m not the type to “forget to eat” (wtf is THAT?!), and I like to have regularly timed meal intervals. Generally every 3 hours, like the good bodybuilder that I am.

So..why am I doing this. I guess…I am interested in stretching my limits. And seeing what I can tolerate. To demonstrate my inner ...

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Day 2/90: Mindful Eating Challenge

Today my challenge to myself is to:

-eat mindfully at every meal

-rate my hunger prior to eating and after eating

-rate my emotions prior to eating, and after eating


Mindful eating involves using all your senses to be aware of your food and how you eat it. Slowing down. Acknowledging your responses to the food without judgement. And tuning in to physical hunger, satiety cues, and even psychological processes, to see how they all interact within your eating.


Will you join me today in ...

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2014 in Review + Welcoming 2015

Hot damn, 2014 was a pretty fucking epic year. It didn’t feel super electric or anything, but reflecting back– there was a lot of shit!!! A lot of AWESOME SHIT.

Here are some highlights to recap:

  • Broke the national bench press record, broke the national squat record, broke the national overall total, and won best lifter award at the Old Skool Iron Classic Powerlifting Championships (described more here)
  • Won first in my class and overall at my first physique competition, qualifying ...
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NPC Nationals 2014

I’ll keep this brief…

The journey to NPC Nationals was extremelyyyyyyy difficult! It took every ounce of me, mentally and physically! Every ounce. Everything.

The road was rocky…So many times I was uncertain I could pull it off. I was a nutcase, straight up. Mindfuckery. I trained hard tho, and I gave it my all…and….it ended up working out!

NPC Nationals took place Nov 21 + 22, 2014 in Miami, Florida. Every physique competitor looked AMAZING! These girls were JACKED!!!! It was also ...

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Won first overall at NPC SF :)

cool! I won a big sword –> deets in a sec 😉

It was a well-run show, and I prepared a lot differently for this show than the last show. Nutrition was very different and peak week was totally different, but I felt it worked much better for me! I am still experimenting and learning, but definitely I liked how I looked and felt 😉 Here I was in the morning in my hotel, before pre-judging:

SF ...</a></p><a class= Continue Reading →


Ground Wild Boar Meat Muffins

Yeah, I made sum boar meat muffins.

#noms #noms #noms

I getz creative in tha mornning.

Bought some ground wild boar meat from Sprouts.

wild ground boar







Decided to toss it all in a bowl with one omega-3 egg, about 5 of the whites from those eggs, curry powder and other spices, finely chopped spinach, chard, and other greens, annddddd mixed it all together. Sprayed my muffins with ...

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I won first overall at my physique competition!!


I am TERRIBLE for being SUCH a delinquent blog-writer…I had a HUGE victory…and here it is…3 weeks later! (sawwy!)

My first ever PHYSIQUE competition was on August 23rd, 2014. The NPC Tahoe Show, in South Lake Tahoe. A national qualifier.



I mean, don’t get me wrong…The prep was grueling (because I had JUST finished my powerlifting competition and decided to jump into this physique competition with only a 10 week prep- eeks!) …sooo ...

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