Connection Rio + Carnaval + Paraty + Source Temple, Etc

Sat 2/13/16 Connection Rio + Paraty + Happy Hammock 

Since the last update, I moved from Jabanga Hostel in Botafogo because it got sold out for Carnaval. Also, RFT was going to be closed too, at least partially, for Carnaval, so I accepted this. Also, I was curious to check out Connection Rio, as well, which is where I was headed.

Saturday I moved to Connection Rio in Barra Da Tijuca. It is a neat concept ...

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Kickin it in Bali, 2015

Part I: Pineapple House in Canggu

After 27 hours of travelling (though not a bad 27 hours, I might say), I arrived at Pineapple House in Canggu, Bali. I was welcomed by Rachel, a delightful British girl who is running  her surf and yoga retreat based out of Pineapple House.

My time there was a bit more isolated than I had expected, but I made the best of it and read a lot of great books. (I read seven books in ...

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255 Pound Bench Press Today, WOOO!! PR!!!

Ah yiiiisssss.

On Saturday I hit a PR of 250 and that was AWESOME.

But TODAY (Monday) I decided I need to do it AGAIN…at least!

My split will be weird this week due to schedule, so today would be the best day to hit bench, even though it’s only been 48 hours.

PLUS I am starting a new diet today, so I might get weaker with a calorie deficit. In other words, it is NOW OR NEVER!

And i wanted to catch a vid ...

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365 lb Squat!!! :D :D

Wooo!! I’ve been KILLIN it in the gym! Feeling STRONG!

Here are some recent training highlights:

-working on getting my pull ups back!

-405 pound rack pulls for FIVE reps

-benched 250 yesterday! Gonna try it again tomorrow and will try to capture a video for you tomorrow. I’m excited! That’s a PR for me!!

-today I squatted 365!!! WOOO! Will show you a clip in a sec.


First, I find it my duty to inform you that I have been dealing with whiplash, ever since ...

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My client Krista exceeding goal, doing SEVEN PULL UPS IN A ROW

Huge shout out to my awesome client Krista, who did a hybrid of in-person training and online training. When we first met, she could do one pull up. She had the goal of doing five pull ups in a row. I created a program for her to help her achieve that goal, working on back/lats, core, and grip strength. Fast forward only about three months– she EXCEEDED that goal and is now hitting SEVEN pull ups in a row, with ...

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