Yesterday’s Activity&Eats and Today’s Break Circuit


pre workout- quinoa oatmeal amaranth egg white cinnamon mix + low fat latte

back and bi’s n sum core

post workout- choc fat free pudding + choc cream of wheat + pea protein powder mix

home-made beef and veggie stew

salad with chicken and sesame asian dressing

apple + almonds

french vanilla cappuchino drink

little bit of kicking soccer ball with a friend

home-made beef and veggie stew

light lifting with a friend, more of a catch-up than a hard workout! 😉

eggs sandwiched between wheat thin bread + one ...

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B-girl/B-boy Boot Camp!!

Hello my lovely peeps,

I am delighted to share with you that I will be a GUEST INSTRUCTOR for a BGIRL/BBOY BOOT CAMP! My homegirl Nurse Boogie from my old crew, Extra Credit Kru, will be hosting this boot camp. She is an amazing dancer and athlete and performs with the awesome Mix’d Ingredients, and does breaking, popping, samba, salsa, and basically any kind of dance. AND in heels. Seriously. Ive seen this chick do amazing smooth cee cee’s in high ...

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B-girl Practice Session Aug 2008

bgirl_by_karla_areli(art from here)
I got footage from a practice session from August 2008! Wow! What a different world that was! That’s not even three years ago, but SO MUCH has changed. I was so into b-girling back then…not so much the case any more. I hardly dance at all anymore, period. Am thinking I may get back into it…but I don’t know about breaking. It’s so hardcore! I’m an old ...

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Studying, Chef Experimentations, Fun Clip, Gratitude, HANDSTANDS, Etc

Hello my lovelies! Long time no talk. So sorry! I suck. I want to check in with you guys and give you a recap of what’s been going on, plus some fun things to watch/try…Here it is, in no particular order.

  • I’ve been studying for my Precision Nutrition certification. It is AWESOME. So many times, certifications are just initials, and don’t really provide practical information, or how to apply the concepts. This PN certification is really great because it actually provides ...
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