Master of the Box, Woodway Curve, and Powerlifting Update

Just a quick post so you peeps know i’m alive 😉

read this great article the other day, and wanted to pass it along:

Mike Boyle, prominent strength coach, writes how it is more important to be MASTER of the box before attempting to “think outside of the box.” Athletic excellence is not necessarily about any fancy tricks. Its mastery of the simple things. Rotation, single leg balance, deceleration, level change, properly pulling, pushing, etc etc…No fancy gadgets or ...

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Medicine Balls Benefits & Sample Circuit


A medicine ball is a weighted ball, usually between 4-12 pounds, that you can use in your exercise routine. Due to its weight and shape, it requires a lot of coordination, strength, and stamina to keep it under control. The medicine ball is actually one of the oldest pieces of fitness equipment still in use today. The ball has been in use among athletes and warriors for over 3,000 years. They have been used by Egyptians, Roman ...

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