Client Transformation: Kayla’s First Figure Competition!!

Bigggg shout out to my client Kayla, who has done an amazing job transforming her body. She recently competed in her first ever figure competition, and snagged 2nd place in novice! Go, Kayla!

first figure competition INBA










We did the slow and steady route, and essentially did a 3 month PRE prep, and then did an official 3 month contest prep. Even with that much ...

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Naureen’s Awesome Bikini Transformation!

I would like to give a HUGGEEEEEE shout out to my online client NAUREEN.

She did an amazing job in her contest prep and last week successfully competed in her FIRST ALL-NATURAL BIKINI COMPETITION! Go, girl! Total rockstar.

She started around: 125 pounds, with 26 inch waist.

In only 12 weeks, she went down to: 112.8 pounds, with 23.5 inch waist.

bikini competition


She followed an IIFYM ...

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Client Success: From Lean to LEANER!!! 13.5% Body Fat, What!?!?

Today I’d like to give a shout out to my client Marina, who is a totally lean mean machine! She STARTED OUT lean, and she has been taking my advice and now is just getting leaner and leaner!!! such a lil dynamo!! 107 pounds of beast! 😉










Her fat mass has dropped, and her strength has been soaring! She is a petite ...

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Katie has now lost 55 pounds of pure FAT!

I just want to give a HUGEEEEEEEEE shout-out to my client, Katie. I first wrote about her here.


Here is the latest update:

Since she started working with me, she has lost FIFTY FIVE POUNDS!!!

Here is the kicker…it is PURE FAT LOSS!!

She has maintained her muscle mass, and lost the weight– ALL of it being FAT!


Her body fat percentage has dropped about 20%.

AND she went from zero pullups to now doing FIVE pull ups in a row!

This kind of success ...

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Katie’s 25 pound fat loss in 3 months!

Today I want to give a humungous shout-out to my rockstar client Katie. She has been successfully undertaking a dramatic body re-composition, and her most recent hydrostatic bodyfat test demonstrates crazy-amazing numbers.


Bodyfat %:

Previous Test 03/01/2013 41.65 %

Today’s Test 06/07/2013 33.64 %

Change in body fat percentage -8.02 %


Total Weight:

Previous Test 03/01/2013 204.5 lbs.

Today’s Test 06/07/2013 179.5 lbs.

Change in total weight -25 lbs.


Lean Mass:

Previous ...

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Pushpita, Hot Mamacita!

Today I want to share the story of my client Pushpita. She was feeling too heavy for her 5’5’’ frame. On 2/21/12, she was sitting at 167 lbs (with very little of those pounds being lean muscle mass). She also did a 12 second plank  = x

She had a daughter aged 13 months and had gained a lot of weight POST pregnancy. DURING pregnancy, she had developed gestational diabetes, so she changed her eating habits and did a ton of ...

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Diana: Inspiring Diabetes-Management & Weight Loss Client

Diana, Diana, Diana.

WOW, what a transformation!

She is a tender little one, at the youthful age of 24!

She came to me after being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, and realized that if she didn’t make a change, her life would be cut short. She hoped that exercise could help prevent her from taking diabetes medication. (so far, so good!)

She works out with me 3 days a week, and walks every day at lunch. She watches what she eats, and has to ...

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Laura, Client Success Story – Weightlifting for Women

Laura and I started working together a few years ago, and at that time I followed the NASM model starting with stability, then strength, then power. I don’t want to give myself all the credit for her stability, balance, and core strength, but I can’t help but plug myself that I did a solid stability program with her 😉 I’m pleased that now that we are focusing on a lot of strength exercises, she still demonstrates a high level of ...

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Client Testimonial

Aw, so nice! New review posted on my Yelp page 😉

“Kristina is a wonderful, inspirational, patient, fit and a fabulous – did I say wonderful and fabulous already??

Really – I trained with her for about 1 year and I am so happy I met her. She is one of those trainers that really cares and will do whatever is necessary to help you meet your goals. She works with you. What I love about her is ...

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Client Testimonial

New review on my Yelp page from mah wonderful client Molly 😉

“I would highly recommend Kristina to anyone looking for guidance, motivation, and a little extra push for their workouts. She is extremely knowledgeable, inventive with the exercises she gives, and super fun and supportive. She is also HILARIOUS, while she is kicking your butt. She is a true badass, she’ll take no excuses–if you’re feeling whiney, she’ll have you boxing–and you will ALWAYS feel a million ...

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