Adventure, Despair, Repair– High Highs and Low Lows. One year blog update!!**

It’s approaching almost one year since the last time I wrote in my blog, and I finally decided to break in the blog again.

Why have I not written? Let’s just chalk it up to being a terrible blogger. I have this mental block where I can’t write about it until after it’s happened, so the fact that I stayed and stayed and stayed in Mexico… had not represented a closed chapter, so I didn’t write about it. Yeah, I suck, ...

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Client Transformation: Kayla’s First Figure Competition!!

Bigggg shout out to my client Kayla, who has done an amazing job transforming her body. She recently competed in her first ever figure competition, and snagged 2nd place in novice! Go, Kayla!

first figure competition INBA










We did the slow and steady route, and essentially did a 3 month PRE prep, and then did an official 3 month contest prep. Even with that much ...

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Naureen’s Awesome Bikini Transformation!

I would like to give a HUGGEEEEEE shout out to my online client NAUREEN.

She did an amazing job in her contest prep and last week successfully competed in her FIRST ALL-NATURAL BIKINI COMPETITION! Go, girl! Total rockstar.

She started around: 125 pounds, with 26 inch waist.

In only 12 weeks, she went down to: 112.8 pounds, with 23.5 inch waist.

bikini competition


She followed an IIFYM ...

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255 Pound Bench Press Today, WOOO!! PR!!!

Ah yiiiisssss.

On Saturday I hit a PR of 250 and that was AWESOME.

But TODAY (Monday) I decided I need to do it AGAIN…at least!

My split will be weird this week due to schedule, so today would be the best day to hit bench, even though it’s only been 48 hours.

PLUS I am starting a new diet today, so I might get weaker with a calorie deficit. In other words, it is NOW OR NEVER!

And i wanted to catch a vid ...

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365 lb Squat!!! :D :D

Wooo!! I’ve been KILLIN it in the gym! Feeling STRONG!

Here are some recent training highlights:

-working on getting my pull ups back!

-405 pound rack pulls for FIVE reps

-benched 250 yesterday! Gonna try it again tomorrow and will try to capture a video for you tomorrow. I’m excited! That’s a PR for me!!

-today I squatted 365!!! WOOO! Will show you a clip in a sec.


First, I find it my duty to inform you that I have been dealing with whiplash, ever since ...

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2014 in Review + Welcoming 2015

Hot damn, 2014 was a pretty fucking epic year. It didn’t feel super electric or anything, but reflecting back– there was a lot of shit!!! A lot of AWESOME SHIT.

Here are some highlights to recap:

  • Broke the national bench press record, broke the national squat record, broke the national overall total, and won best lifter award at the Old Skool Iron Classic Powerlifting Championships (described more here)
  • Won first in my class and overall at my first physique competition, qualifying ...
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