Adventure, Despair, Repair– High Highs and Low Lows. One year blog update!!**

It’s approaching almost one year since the last time I wrote in my blog, and I finally decided to break in the blog again.

Why have I not written? Let’s just chalk it up to being a terrible blogger. I have this mental block where I can’t write about it until after it’s happened, so the fact that I stayed and stayed and stayed in Mexico… had not represented a closed chapter, so I didn’t write about it. Yeah, I suck, ...

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4 month update: jiu jitsu, dancing, exploring, learning, tacos…


I’m sorry, I am a baddd person

I still feel very excited to be travelling, and I still feel excited to continue. So here I am! Sitting in a coffeeshop in Medellin (well…actually it’s a printing shop with a tiny table, but close enough), with the intention to relay some of the experiences I’ve had these past few months.

I have some random “journal” entries that I have kept, so I ...

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Connection Rio + Carnaval + Paraty + Source Temple, Etc

Sat 2/13/16 Connection Rio + Paraty + Happy Hammock 

Since the last update, I moved from Jabanga Hostel in Botafogo because it got sold out for Carnaval. Also, RFT was going to be closed too, at least partially, for Carnaval, so I accepted this. Also, I was curious to check out Connection Rio, as well, which is where I was headed.

Saturday I moved to Connection Rio in Barra Da Tijuca. It is a neat concept ...

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**San Diego to Costa Rica to Brazil***

Lovelies! Let me catch you up on what tha dilly.

After some existential crisis, I decided to do some travelling. Nothing like a good ole fashioned existential crisis to shake things up. I sold my car, gave up my housing, put my clients under the care of other trainers, put my stuff in storage, and disconnected my phone to save money while abroad. I drove down to San Diego to be with my family for the holidays and get things in ...

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Kickin it in Bali, 2015

Part I: Pineapple House in Canggu

After 27 hours of travelling (though not a bad 27 hours, I might say), I arrived at Pineapple House in Canggu, Bali. I was welcomed by Rachel, a delightful British girl who is running  her surf and yoga retreat based out of Pineapple House.

My time there was a bit more isolated than I had expected, but I made the best of it and read a lot of great books. (I read seven books in ...

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Kundalini Yoga at Esalen with Kia Miller

Wow. All I can is…wow.

I had such an incredible time. The combination of was magical. Big Sur is so incredibly  beautiful.










Then on top of that, Esalen is such healing land, with so much healing that has gone on there, that that is the nature of the land. They had clothing-optional hot spring hot tubs on the cliffside, overlooking the ocean, that were amazzzzing. I went 2-3 times every day for its healing.The food was grown from the ...

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Updates and I’m going to Esalen!!!!! YEEEEEEE

Hola my loves!!

I know I have not been posting, but I figured it would dilute a fitness blog if everyday I talked about my heart project! 😉

So I wanted to give you a guys a break, but YES I have been continuing the project! Sadly (lol) I don’t feel like I have made HUGE progress in the typical Kristina style of “I came, I saw, I conquered”…but I think the very act of effort toward a goal is valuable, and ...

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Day 14/90 I saw a healer ;)

Today I saw a healer 😉

I feel pretty relaxed.

It kind of started when my sister started getting into crystals and crystal healing, and it made me feel intrigued to try crystal healing.

So, what did I do? I went on YELP. Yes, I yelped a healer.

I looked at my options and chose the one whose website and services and feel I liked the best. I reached out, we set it up, and today was the day.

She was very kind, and we ...

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Day 13/90 The Five Love Languages

When I think of  “speaking from the heart,” love languages is an associated tangent. Gary Chapman wrote a book in 1995 called The Five Love Languages, where he describes the ways that individuals express and experience love.

1) gifts

material objects, things, tokens of love and affection

2) quality time

the amount of time that you are with a loved person, sharing activities, whether it’s outside excursions, or being lazy around the house ...

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