Birthday Celebration- Flying Trapeze and Killer Workout

I. am. OLDER! ;P
I just had my birthday and I wanted to get in some special activities to celebrate.

Saturday I wanted to do something different but I’ve already done sky diving, bungee jumping, all that stuff…so my brilliant client suggested flying trapeze! And so it was set. I actually, though, didn’t anticipate the true terror it would inspire during the act. I booked Trapeze Arts in Oakland to teach me and 3 other girl friends in an hour long ...

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Yesterday’s Activity&Eats and Today’s Break Circuit


pre workout- quinoa oatmeal amaranth egg white cinnamon mix + low fat latte

back and bi’s n sum core

post workout- choc fat free pudding + choc cream of wheat + pea protein powder mix

home-made beef and veggie stew

salad with chicken and sesame asian dressing

apple + almonds

french vanilla cappuchino drink

little bit of kicking soccer ball with a friend

home-made beef and veggie stew

light lifting with a friend, more of a catch-up than a hard workout! πŸ˜‰

eggs sandwiched between wheat thin bread + one ...

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Aerial Yoga, Plans, and Metta Prayer

Fun thing: Yesterday I took an awesome class at The Yoga Studio in Campbell. The class was aerial yoga. Now, I tell you with a little sheepishness that I hate yoga. I always want to like it, so I keep on taking classes, and keep on hating it. Can you believe I even had a private yoga lesson with a friend on Wednesday…and I still hated it. Lmao. Anyways, aerial yoga is the closest thing to yoga that I enjoy. ...

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Bollywood Cardio

I have been in an uber-experimental mood this past month or so and have been trying a lot of new things and/or things I haven’t done in YEARS. It’s been great fun πŸ˜‰

One thing I have been wanting to try is Bollywood cardio at Dance Identity in Sunnyvale. I thought it would be totally ridiculous, fun; I wanted to try a new dance style; I figured this style of cardio sure beats the endlessly revolving stepmill! I asked my client ...

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B-girl/B-boy Boot Camp!!

Hello my lovely peeps,

I am delighted to share with you that I will be a GUEST INSTRUCTOR for a BGIRL/BBOY BOOT CAMP! My homegirl Nurse Boogie from my old crew, Extra Credit Kru, will be hosting this boot camp. She is an amazing dancer and athlete and performs with the awesome Mix’d Ingredients, and does breaking, popping, samba, salsa, and basically any kind of dance. AND in heels. Seriously. Ive seen this chick do amazing smooth cee cee’s in high ...

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Sunday Morning Walk + Motivational Quotes

Sunday morning, 730 AM. I hop out of bed, throw on some warm layers and greet the crisp air. Luckily, Centennial Way Trail is only a few minutes walk from my house, so soon enough I am strolling down this long strip of cement. Is is the most scenic trail? No it’s not. But all I need is an empty trail. And at 730 AM on a chilly Sunday, that’s what I get. As I walk from South San Francisco ...

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Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing Results!!!

Wow! Great news today πŸ™‚

I’m two weeks out, and was sooo curious what my body fat is.

I hate calipers and most other forms of body fat testing, because they are highly inaccurate. Luckily, I had heard of a mobile hydrostatic testing service called “Fitness Wave Norcal.” I was able to book an appointment with them for after my clients- yes! Serendipity πŸ˜‰ For those of you who aren’t familiar with hydrostatic body fat testing, it is regarded as the ...

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Update & Invitation to My First Figure Competition!!!

Hello my loves! I am having a brief moment of energy and positivity so figured I’d take advantage of that to shoot out a blog post. Wow, there is SO MUCH I have neglected to keep you posted on! Bad blogger, BAD!

Thoughts run through my head of what I SHOULD have been sharing with you…my new-found love (and I mean obsessive delicious miraculous healthy mouthgasm) of macademia nut oil…any of my various weight training routines…any small regime changes I may ...

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Random Recap

Hi lovelies! How are you all? Just wanted to share with you a little bit about what’s being going on with me, since I haven’t been posting much lately. Sawwy!Β Β  : /

First of all, the biggest transition has been to focus on my business. The pace of life now, ironically, is much more relaxed. I don’t have the crazy commuting anymore, and must be mindful and deliberate about the choices I make.

As always, I have been keeping my head in ...

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