Random Recap

Hi lovelies! How are you all? Just wanted to share with you a little bit about what’s being going on with me, since I haven’t been posting much lately. Sawwy!   : /

First of all, the biggest transition has been to focus on my business. The pace of life now, ironically, is much more relaxed. I don’t have the crazy commuting anymore, and must be mindful and deliberate about the choices I make.

As always, I have been keeping my head in ...

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ACL Injuries and the Fitness Competitor

Interesting! I came across this article on bodysport.com and wanted to share it. I am highly interested in the intersection of functional training and figure/fitness training and will one day write a piece on this. For now, this is one of the only articles that I have seen that addresses something that concerns them both. As someone who has experienced an ACL tear and as a fitness professional passionate about functional training to stay healthy (see my post on ACL ...

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Tidbits & Big Changes

I haven’t been posting as much as I want to. Things have been c-r-a-z-y lately. A lot going on! Here are some tidbits:

  • Four dogs in the house. We already have two big pitbulls, but my boo is like a regular Cesar Millan so he is always babysitting his client’s dogs.  We were planning on all going hiking today for our newly weekly hiking ritual, but the rain…rained on our parade. Boo!

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Updates on the Life of Kristina

Hello, my lovelies! Just wanted to give you a quick scoop on what’s been going on, as I don’t like going too long without letting you know what’s the dealie. In short, the answer is: I have been busy. Yeah, what else is new? Just a lot of stuff. Work. Miscellaneous. Here are some “highlights” from the recent past:

  • hiked with the boo & doggies at Almaden Country Park in San Jose yesterdayAlmaden
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First Guest Post- on The Process of Healing- YAY!

I have been following Jessica on her The Process of Healing blog because I have been/am in a similar situation. Here is synopsis of her blog: “This blog chronicles the process of healing from an injury, not being able to run (something that is a huge part of my life) and how I am coping with it.” Hmm sounds familiar. I wrote to her to let her know that I totally relate, and either share some insights with ...

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Dynamic Mobility: Reduce Injury & Make The Most From Your Workouts!


What is it?

Dynamic mobility is a great warm up before training. Although there is a bit of semantic confusion in the phraseology, I am referring to “mobility” as contracting your muscles and taking your joints through their ranges of motion actively, as opposed to passively.

What does it do?

  • Increase flexibility
  • Prevent injury
  • Enhance performance
  • Make the most out of your exercises

How does it work?

More and more research ...

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Week SIX of Thirteen to kicking ass and taking names…

The injury rehab process has been…less than pleasant.


Let me think of some things I would rather do than go without my sweaty, fantastically killer workouts

  • eat cockroaches (have already done that, actually, but I digress)
  • have someone burn my flesh (check! still have the marks, what can you say, we were crazy kids)
  • go without my beloved many flavors of protein powder
  • the list could go on and on

My adherence to the program has been ...

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Injury Rehab Week 5 of 13

Rehab/Stabilization continues to be a challenge. I just love lifting super heavy weights, sweating bullets, sprinting, dancing, and all that…and to not be able to do that…sometimes makes me not so excited to “work out.”

I just started week 5 of my program- last week of stabilization. My knee and feet feel good, my shoulder feels not so hot. I have not given up, just acknowledging that I am on week 5 of my program, and I still have time to ...

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Week 3 of Injury Rehab update

Today marks the end of week 3 of my 13 week program to healthy, lean and mean goodness. This past week I have been dealing with a cold, so have not been working out much…This week I jogged twice for 15 min as opposed to three times this week, and did shoulder rehab twice and knee rehab once instead of twice…I have not been icing…but have been stretching and all that good stuff. Knees and foot feel good, shoulder feels ...

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ACL injury prevention & multi-planar training

Something I feel very passionate about is multi-planar training. Ever since I tore my ACL a year and a half ago, learned more about principles of rehabilitation and injury prevention, and got certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I have a message about training: Thou must train in multiple planes of motion. Most people (especially endurance athletes) overtrain in the sagittal plane (front and back). This leads to overuse injuries as well as weakness and instability when a demand from ...

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